What Causes a printer to show the ‘Brother MFC 9130 Offline’ error?


There are many causes for the Brother MFC 9130 to crop up. Most of them can be easily detected and fixed. Some can take time to detect and even more time to fix. Also, the error often arises because of the tiny things that users are not very cautious of.

You are advised to refer to manual to acquaint yourself of the basic terms used throughout the process of fixing the error.
Before you start off with the process, make sure that the Power cable or the USB connecting the computer to the printer is not damaged or loose. enough power supply to the printer is a basic requirement for the printer to function.

The underlying causes for your Brother MFC Offline have been briefed here. Read them thoroughly.

  • Faulty USB cable connection

The cable connecting your Brother printer to the computer might have some issue with it. the cable could be loose at either of the ends. Or it might be impaired.
Loose or damaged USB cables are a major reason for the Brother MFC 9130 Offline error to crop up. Therefore, you are advised to check this USB cable before proceeding to other methods to fix the Brother MFC 9130 Offline error.

  • Pending Work In The Printing Queue –

Another reason for the Brother MFC 9130 Offline error to crop up on your computer screen is the excessive work pending in the printing queue.

Users tend to leave lots of work in the printing queue which ultimately leads to the printer acting up, hence various error showing up on your screen, Brother MFC 9130 being one of them.

  • Outdated Printer Driver –

A printer driver is a piece of software on your computer that converts the printing command from the computer in a language that your printer understands. It is a sort of translator.

If you are lately facing the ‘Brother MFC 9130 Office’ issue, it is advised that you check the printer driver on the computer.

This printer driver could have gotten redundant. And an outdated printer driver can cause the printer to often go offline.

  • The Printer Might Be Out Of Papers –

Your Brother printer might have run out of papers. Although the issue sounds obvious, we often forget to check if the papers in the tray are enough or not.

The simplest of problems are often the toughest to spot. Therefore, it is recommended that you check the papers before resorting to some other method for fixing the Brother MFC 9130 Offline error.

  • Paper Stuck Inside The Printer –

If you are constantly facing the Brother MFC 9130 Offline problem, you should start off by checking if there are tiny shred of paper stuck inside the Brother printer.

Tiny bits of paper could have ended up inside the printing drum too. We advise you to thoroughly check the insides of the printer.

Brother MFC 9130 Offline – How To Fix The Error –

You can fix the Brother MFC 9130 Offline issue by following these methods –

  • Update The Firmware –

Make sure you update your firmware. Outdated firmware can result in you facing the ‘Brother MFC 9130 offline’ error, over and over.

The firmware on the printer is responsible for its functioning. And if the firmware is upgraded on time, the issue can worsen.

And to avoid the Brother MFC 9130 Offline and all such errors, you are advised to keep a regular check on the updates released for the firmware on your printer.

  • Load Enough Papers –

Ensure that the paper tray on your printer is never empty. Load enough papers to make certain that the printer never goes offline or shows the error.

We are often ignorant of the fact that the printer can go out of paper without warning you of so. Therefore, always keep good number of papers in the tray. And be cautious of the size of the papers that you use. Try not putting in too large or too small papers in.

  • Try carrying out the following steps –

Click the ‘Start’ icon on your computer and from the programs, go to the ‘Devices and printers’ option. When you see the Brother Printer MFC 9130 model, right-click on it. A list of options will be displayed. From among the options, select ‘See what’s printing’

Then select the Printer option at the top of the window. You will spot an option namely, ‘Use printer offline’. Next to it, there is a checkbox, uncheck the box. The brother printer will be ready for use.

If the Offline status still wont go away, you can try other methods.

  • Try turning off the printer. And remove the USB cable from the printer. Let the printer be that way for few minutes.

Put the USB cable back in and turn on the printer.

The Brother MFC 9130 Offline status is likely to have been eradicated.

Overworking the printer can lead it to show number of errors. The offline status is one of them. Giving the Brother printer some idle time can help you fix the problem.

  • Upgradation Of The Printer Driver on The Computer –

It is vital that you keep the printer driver updated at all times. Printer driver is the software that helps the computer communicate with the printer. an outdated printer driver would cause the printer to fail to understand the commands, which will ultimately result in various problems, Brother MFC 9130 Offline being one of them.

These points will help you solve the issue. If you need our assistance for anything related to the matter, you can reach out to our team. Our years of expertise helps us fix every sort of snag that your Brother printer come up with.