Getting Canon Mg3022 Offline Error On Every Printing Command? Follow Easy Troubleshooting Methods Now!


Getting Canon Mg3022 Offline errors is most common when your desktop and printer are not connected properly. Canon Mg3022 printer is known for exceptional printing jobs and advance features but unlike any other printing device, they get affected by numerous issues as well. If you are unable to print your desired documents due to Canon Mg3022 Offline errors you need to follow some of the reliable troubleshooting steps listed steps carefully. Don’t get tensed while performing these steps as these issues can be resolved easily.

Steps To Be Followed By Users To Resolve The Canon Mg3022 Offline Errors!

Canon Mg3022 Offline errors cab be arised due to numerous issues. To get genuine resolution from them it is essential to find out the exact factors which led into the issue that’s why before starting any troubleshooting step it is essential to make sure that all the devices are connected properly and have update printer drivers installed. If you checked everything then follow all below-listed steps with utmost care to get back your Canon Mg3022 printer online:

Switch On The Canon Mg3022 Printer Or Check Display For Any Canon Mg3022 Offline Error

  • Check that your printer screen is turned on. If it does not then switch it on instantly if it’s blank.
  • After that check, your printer is in sleep mode? If yes, then wake it up by pressing the power key.
  • Now make sure all the connection cable is perfectly inserted and working fine.
  • Check printer display for error code. If the screen shows any error follow reliable troubleshooting steps to eliminate them instantly.

Check Wi-Fi Or USB Connection Are Connected Properly 

  • If your Canon Mg3022 printer is connected with the help of USB cable. Make sure that both ends are working fine.
  • Connect your Canon Mg3022 directly to the USB port avoid using any additional USB connector.
  • Inspect printer configuration to make sure that your printer is using the accurate IP address.
  • If the printer is connected wirelessly, then make sure both printer and desktop are sharing the same network connection.


Set Your Canon Mg3022 Printer As Your Default Printer 

Make sure that your printer is set as your default printer if it does not then follow below listed steps:

  • Open the control panel by pressing Windows+ R keys.
  • Head to hardware and sound section and choose device and printer.
  • Then access the printer folder and choose the desired checkmark to make your printer as default.
  • If it’s not selected then perform the right-click on the printer section and set your printer as the default printer.

Check Your Printer Status In Devices And Printers Windows Section 

  • Now check the status of your Canon Mg3022 printer to resolve the Canon Mg3022 Offline errors. To check status, perform a right-click on the printer and choose the option see what’s printing, then again choose printer and remove all the checkmarks selected on use printer offline.
  • If your canon printer is paused rather than offline, then right-click on the Canon Mg3022 icon and choose to see what printing and choose the printer then removes all checkmark from pause printing option.

Delete Current Printing Tasks From The Device And Printers Window

  • To eliminate Canon Mg3022 Offline error delete the current printing tasks by performing a right-click canon printer icon and choose to see what’s printing then select printer and cancel all printing documents.
  • Sometimes users are unable to cancel the printing list due to administrator restrictions. Just enter the password and open administrator and click on the yes option.

Delete Copy Of Canon Mg3022 Printer Icon

Canon Mg3022 Offline errors can be arised because of different copies of printer which can be created automatically if:

  • The Canon Mg3022 printer is connected to a different USB port on the same computer.
  • Same drivers are installed numerous times.

Another reason if getting Canon Mg3022 Offline is when the printer drivers started improper working, to eliminate the issues users need to select the working driver.

  • First of all switch on your Canon Mg3022 printer and remove other connected devices.
  • Now access the printer folder by opening the control panel by pressing window + R keys.
  • After opening the control panel, choose hardware and sound option and choose device and printers.
  • Now locate and move the cursor towards Canon Mg3022 icon until the popup status appeared.
  • If you want to print from your selected printer, click right on the canon printer icon and set as the default printer, after that a checkmark appeared on the screen, chose and select yes to complete the default printer settings. When you give the command to print again your selected printer automatically print as it is chosen as default printer.

If you get any issues while performing any of the steps and need assistance reach out to our helpdesk anytime.