How To Get Your Dell Printer Back Online?

How To Get Your Dell Printer Back Online?

Printer offline is the common issue which any printer may encounter. When you give a printing command, nothing happens. Follow easy steps in the blog to bring the Dell Printer Back Online and find the answer to Printer Offline how to fix it. The question may arise in your mind that why is my Printer offline. The communication error between PC and printing device causes the error. There are various factors responsible for the occurrence of errors like connectivity issues, outdated drivers, antivirus issues, paper jam issues, etc. Go through the immensely easy steps mentioned to bring your Printer back online easily and quickly.

Get to know about Dell Printer Offline recovery in the below section.

Easy Steps: How to Turn Printer Online

  • The first basic step is to head towards Printers and Devices option. The option is available in Control Panel. Select your printer from the given list and hit manage.
    Device Manager
  • Select the ports and conduct up the properties window which will represent the IP address of your printer.
  • Before doing this step, make sure your PC and Printer is on the same network. After that, enter your number into the URL in your browser.
  • Dell Printer Offline
  • Password and Username is needed for this step for a set menu of the printer
  • Reach to network option or connectivity after the loading of the page. If the option is automatic you can change it to static or manual. Getting Your Dell Printer Back Online will be processed when you follow the steps carefully.
  • If there is no visibility of the IP address, you can enter any. You can use something the same to your official address and elevate the number by any. Press save or apply after writing the MAC address.
  • Enter the router’s IP address and press enter. To locate the number, write in ipconfig/all and press enter. If you come across any problem for Dell Printer Back Online, you can reach our team.
  • After this, you will see menu options which include an empty field for the MAC address. You need to add the latest IP address for the device so that the router can find the necessary with it. Also, for this, you have to check out the user manual that is linked with the router.
  • Head to Device Manager and check if the IP Address is reflected or not. If not, make it right.

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