What is Google Cloud Print?

Google Cloud Print is a free service that enables you to print documents and photos from a network-connected cloud device to any printer. Moreover,  any app (mobile, web, device) on any device can be used to print to any cloud-connected printer. Also, using this web service, users can associate printers with their Google account. And, above all, you have added advantage to share printers with your friends, family, or co-workers with Google Cloud Print Printers.

How to use Google Cloud Print?

If you want to print to non-cloud printers using Google Cloud Print Service, you can make use of the Connector to accomplish the task. Now the next question that might strike our mind is: what is Connector? Well, Connector is a small piece of software that works on PC, where you have installed the printer. The Google Cloud Print Connector has the whole sole responsibility of registering the printer with the print service and also waits for print jobs for the service. And when the print job arrives, Connector forwards it to the printer and sends job status back to the Service.

Interestingly, for using Connector, you do not require to install it. You need to install Google chrome, and your job is done. And, by just installing Google chrome on PC and enabling the feature (It is set to off by default), you will be to print  to their non-cloud printers. And, the only thing which you need to be sure about is that your PC must be turned on and be connected to the internet so that print job reaches the Connector and from there to the printer.

Setup your printer with Google print

For connecting your printer to Wi-Fi, you need to fulfill below essentials

  • You need to have a printer that connects to Wi-Fi.
  • Chrome Browser must be installed on your PC.
Connect to Wi-Fi
  • Switch on your printer.
  • Next, connect your printer to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Turn your computer on.
  • Make sure to connect your printer to the same Wi-Fi as your PC.
Check is your PC cloud-ready
  • Your printer is cloud-ready (version-2) if there is V2 next to the printer’s name.
  • The printer is cloud-ready (version-1) if the printer name doesn’t have V2 next to it.
  • Your printer is not cloud-ready if it isn’t listed. But, you can set it up with Google Cloud Print if it connects to Wi-Fi.

Enable Google Cloud Print Printers

Connecting not cloud-ready printers (1.0)

For connecting, the printer you require a PC or Mac computer. Chrome book won’t work in this case.

Open PC or Mac > Locate System Settings > Find printing Section> Now Add printer to the computer >Open Chrome > Now type chrome: //devices and press Enter. Click Add printers Under “Classic Printers >Under “Printers to register” section, select the printer you want to share> Click Add Printer > Click Manage Printer to check whether your printer was added successfully.

Connect cloud-ready printers (2.0)

Open chrome > Now type chrome: //devices and press Enter> Find your printer under New Devices > Click Manage> Click Register when confirmation registration box appears > Follow the on-screen instructions to finish registering > Press Register or Ok.

Connect cloud-ready printers (1.0)

Open cloud-ready printer page on Google > Now click your printer manufacturer> Go to your manufacturer website> Follow the instructions to set up your printer.

Troubleshooting Google Cloud Print offline issue

Reasons for knowing Google Cloud Print Offline issue is a bit tricky. Also, the solution is not just limited to uninstalling or re-installing the printer drivers. But, we need to find the solution beyond that. So, follow the troubleshooting steps below for a device that has chrome installed, or Google Chrome installed on your computer.

Make sure to fulfill below essentials before fixing the  offline problem

  • Make sure to turn on Google Cloud Print compatible printer.
  • The computer is neither in the hibernation state nor in sleep mode.
  • Also. make sure your PC has an internet connection.
  • There is Google chrome installed on your PC, connected to the printer, and you’re logged in your Google account.

Bring your Google Cloud Print Printers back online

  • Open Google Chrome on your PC or chrome enabled device. Go to the browser and open type chrome: //devices and press enter.
  • Click the managed button next to the printer that is linked, if the printer does not turn back to online.

However, if the above troubleshooting steps do provide you with the help to resolve the Offline issue, you can connect with advanced tech experts to help you settle the offline problem at Printer Support.