Make Revolutionary Changes in Your Daily Tasks with Google Cloud Print

What is Google Cloud Print?

Google Cloud Print is an unrestricted free of cost service that allows you to print the photos and documents from a cloud device connected to a network to any printer. Furthermore, any application (web, mobile, device) on any kind of device can be used for printing to any of the cloud-connected printers. Also, utilizing this web service, customers can associate their printers with the Google account. Also, you have this added advantage of sharing printers with your family, friends, or co-workers with printers of Google Cloud Print.

How to use Google Cloud Print?

If you want printing with non-cloud printers using the service of Google Cloud Print, you can use the Connector to complete the task. Now the question arises that can strike our brains is: what is a Connector? Well, the Connector is basically a small piece of software, which works on a computer device, in which you’ve got your printer installed. The Google Cloud Print Connector holds the entire responsibility to register the printer with the printing service and it waits for printing jobs as well as the service. When the printing job arrives, the Connector forwards it to your printer and sends the recent job status to the service back.

Also, for using Google Cloud Print Connector, you do not need to install it. You require installing Google chrome, to get your job done. By installing Google chrome on your computer and allowing the feature (It’s set to off just by default). You’ll be able to print to the non-cloud printers. Also, the only thing that you require to ensure is that your computer system must be switched on and be linked to the internet so that printing job reaches easily to the Google Cloud Print Connector and from there to your printer.

What Does My Printer Put Offline?

The major cause of a message of printer offline is a breakdown in communication between the printer and your device. If your printer is not connected from the power supply or the internet, then Google Cloud Print will send an error message of being offline. There could be the possibility of a misconfiguration in the method of set-up of Google Cloud Print.

If you are using a printer that is not ready for Google cloud, the computer device could get powered off or detached from the internet. The printer could also require an update of its firmware.

How to Fix the Error of Printer Offline?

First ensure that the printer is switched on. Switching your printer off, completely unplugging it, and then re-connecting it and turning back on could swiftly resolve this issue. Re-starting actually shuts down the running procedures that could clear any of the software malfunctions or errors the printer is tackling with.

  • Ensure that your printer is well connected to the internet. Google Cloud Print requires a live connection with the internet; therefore if the printer has not been connected due to some reason, printing will not work.
  • If you’re using a printer that isn’t ready for Google Cloud Print. Also, make sure that your desktop machine holds a live internet connection. And it isn’t sleeping, on standby, or hibernation mode.
  • Check to make sure that both of your printer and device are signed-in into the same Google Account.
  • Verify that you are transferring the document to the right printer. Within your Google or Chrome browser on your computer device, click File — Print — Choose Printer, and then click on the printer that you previously made as the Google Cloud Printer.
More Issues Engaged
  • Check if your printer’s configuration is well. To ensure that your printer is not set to use Google Cloud Print Offline.
  • Update your computer device to its latest version of Chrome. The outdated software might have some compatibility issues that can prevent your Google Cloud Print job from being executed.
  • Now, download and install your printer firmware’s latest version. If the firmware of your printer is outdated, it can prevent you from being connected to the internet. Or it can cause some errors with Google Cloud Print.
  • Refresh the printer from the page of Google devices. This helps to ensure that your device has been recognized as either a Cloud Ready Printer. Or a Classic Printer so it can get shared around the network.
  • Delete your printer of Google Cloud Print and then connect it again. In case all else get failed, you might have corrupted software. So, you should try deleting that application, and then setting it once again. This could resolve whatever problem was preventing the printing.
  • Still Google Cloud Print Offline? Try the help pages of Google Cloud Print to see if there is another glitch that could be contributing to your issue. If that also does not work, try to troubleshoot why your printing machine is offline for the additional suggestions.

So, use Google Cloud Print service today onwards, and for any issue resolution, contact us at our toll-free number.