Getting HP Envy 4500 Offline Errors While Giving Printing Commands? 


HP Envy 4500 printer is all in one affordable printer which allows users to scan, fax, photo and print wirelessly from anywhere. It offers reliable and crisp printing experience to users with its unmatchable features. But unlike another printer model, HP Envy 4500 also affect user experience by various errors. One of the most common errors that can affect user experience is HP Envy 4500 Offline errors. When this occurs users are unable to print even when they are connected to a stable power source or network connections. But don’t get tensed as these errors can be resolved easily by performing various methods and methods.

Methods To Eliminate HP Envy 4500 Offline Errors And Get Back Your Printer Online!

Unfortunately, when HP Envy 4500 Offline errors arise users need to stop the printing jobs and resolve them instantly. If you have any remaining printing tasks n queue then stop them. Most common issues which result in HP Envy 4500 Offline errors are outdated or corrupt printer drivers, connection issues or unsuitable settings. If you don’t know how to inspects and fix all of these following listed methods and steps with utmost care and dedication.

Option 1 – Try To Run HP Print And Scan Doctor Applications

  • First of all, users need to download the scan doctor app from the official website and locate the downloaded file HPPSdr.exe. Run it by performing double click and access the administrator account by entering the desired password.
  • In case, it shows you the popup to trust the source. Click yes and continue.
  • After that choose start option and select HP Envy 4500
  • If your printer model is not listed then restart your printer and click on retry option available in print and scan application.
  • Now the application automatically detects the issues and asked you to turn on the updates.
  • Follow all the instructions by clicking on Yes and make your printer as default printer.

Option 2 – Set Your HP Envy 4500 Printer As Default Printer       

  • If your printer is not set up as the default printer you need to manually perform all the steps. Before starting the steps make sure that you have all recent updates installed on your operating system.
  • Open search box window and open devices.
  • After that select printer and scanner section.
  • After that make sure that the appeared is unchecked if it shows let window manage my default printer. After that click on the box to unselect if it is not necessary.
  • Then select your printer from the available list.
  • If your printer has various copies select and chooses the printer which is working or showing online status.
  • After that click on the manage option.
  • Again click on the Set printer as default option.

Options 3 – Confirm Printer Port And Windows Services Status

If your HP Envy 4500 Offline printer is using WSD port then follow below-listed steps:

  • Open the control panel by pressing Windows +R keys and click on the view devices and printer option.
  • Locate your printer and click right to open the printer properties.
  • After that choose the ports tab and ensure that your printer is using WSD port or not?

If it does then follow below-listed steps.

  • Open services by searching on the windows section.
  • Now scroll and find out for the option function discovery provider host and function discovery resource publication.
  • After that check the printer status and start-up type column.
  • If they are running accurately and the start-up type is set to automatic then head to the next step
  • If they show any blank manual start up type, click right on the name and choose properties.
  • Change them from manual to automatic.
  • After that select under the service start-ups and click on ok.
  • After that go back to the device ab printer option and click on F5.
  • Then select your printer name or mode and check the printer status.

If it’s online the HP Envy 4500 Offline issues are resolved successfully. If it’s not then print your network configurations reports by using settings and wireless menu.

  • Click right on your printer model and select properties, after that select the port tab.
  • After that choose option adds port.
  • Choose standard TCP/IP Port and select the new port option.
  • Now use the network configuration reports used to add printer port previously.
  • Now get back to the device and printers section and press F5key.
  • Now the status of your printer is online.

Option 4 – Check Your Printer Connection

  • Users need to check the printer connection based on how they are connected. If your printer is connected with a USB cable make sure that it is connected properly. If you are using any wireless confection make sure you follow all these below-listed steps:
  • Restart your printers and disconnect all your cables and after 10 seconds remove it from the power source.
  • Reconnect your power cord and switch on the printer again.
  • Disconnect the wireless router from connected sources.
  • After 10 seconds of power, it on again and wait until it shows connections. After that switch on your desktop.
  • After that use the setup wizard and connect your devices to the available network.
  • To check first print a test report.

If the HP Envy 4500 Offline error still persists reach our helpdesk for instant support and assistance from certified experts.