Why should you update Lexmark Printer Drivers?

We need to update Lexmark Printer Drivers for the smooth functioning of printers. If the drivers are missing, outdated, or faulty, they will cause your Lexmark printer to go offline. So, the drivers need to be updated to bring your printers back online and resume printing. The printers are of no use if they aren’t able to print or work properly. Therefore, ensure their best operable condition by updating Lexmark Printer Drivers for Windows 10.

How to update Lexmark Printer Drivers for Windows 10?

You can update Lexmark Printer Drivers both manually and automatically.

Update Lexmark Printer Drivers for Windows 10 manually

You can update the drivers manually by visiting the Lexmark Support page. To get the correct Driver for your printer, you need to go to Lexmark Official website and search for your printer driver compatible with your Operating System. Make sure to download the recent and correct Driver. And, after you are done with downloading, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Update Lexmark Printer Drivers for Windows 10 automatically

Another way through which you can download and install  the Printer Drivers is through Drive Easy. So, if you have difficulty in updating drivers manually, you can update the drivers automatically using Drive Easy.

Drive Easy makes your work simpler by recognizing your O.S. and find the correct drivers accordingly. Also, you are not at risk of downloading the wrong Driver for your system. Follow the steps below to Download and install Drive Easy.

  • Firstly, download and install Drive easy.
  • After you are done with the installation part, Run drive easy and click on Scan Now button. Drive easy will initiate automatic scanning your P.C. to detect any problem drivers
  • Click the Update button next to the Driver that is flagged. This will begin the automatic Download and installation of the correct Driver.
  • For the Pro version, click update all to initiate automatically download and install correct versions of drivers that are missing or out of date.
  • After doing the needful, restart your P.C. and check whether you can use the printer.

Download and Install Lexmark Printer Software

Software CD comes along with Lexmark Printers. You can use the CD to download and install the Printer Drivers. However, in case you do not have the CD or it has been misplaced somewhere, you can go to Lexmark Official Website to download and install Lexmark Printer Software. You can go free downloads for Lexmark Printer Drivers for all printer models. Easily download and install Lexmark Printer Software by following simple steps below:

Download Lexmark Printer Software
  • Visit Lexmark Official Website and go to Driver and downloads
  • Provide info in textboxes. Specify printer model in the product, Provide O.S., Version of O.S. from the drop-down menu and select the language.
  • After submitting the info, you will be redirected to the download page.
  • Click on Download now and choose to save the file.
Installing Lexmark Printer Software

After downloading of software is over, follow the setup steps to complete the installation process. Once the installation is over, the installer will prompt you about the same.

Print Document

You can take a test print to see if the printer is working fine.

Why Lexmark Printer Support?

You can also communicate with advanced printer experts at Lexmark Printer Support if you require assistance for downloading and installing Lexmark Printer Drivers. So, feel free to reach them for any printer issue. The pro-active professionals handle any of your printer concerns with utmost importance. Also, the support professionals provide unprecedented support for the re-installation of Lexmark Printer Driver and repair of your printer devices.