How to attain Printer Offline Fix?

How to attain Printer Offline Fix?

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How to attain Printer Offline Fix?

It becomes very annoying when you give print command and nothing happens. Printer Offline is the common issue which you may face while using the printers. When the printer is unable to communicate with the computer, it gives “Printer is offline” error. The error occurs owing to various reasons. The issue can be caused due to connection problem of the printer to PC, outdated or incompatible drivers, the problem with spooler service.

You can follow the easy measures in the blog for “How to fix Printer Offline” error. If the troubleshooting steps do not resolve the offline issue, you can communicate with advanced printer experts to help you fix the issue.

Obtain Printer Offline Fix: follow easy steps below

Check for loose connections

Ensure that all cables are properly connected and that the printer is powered on. Just in case, the PC is connected via Ethernet port ensure Ethernet port is working fine and connection to PC and printer is proper. For a wireless network then make sure the printer is connected to your PC network. Loose connections can be probable cause for “Printer is Offline” issue

Display all Printers connected to the computer

Proceed with Printer Offline Fix. Go to control panel. Choose “Hardware and Sound” and click “Devices and Printers.” A new window will open up displaying a list of printers connected to the computer.

Disable Use Printer Offline

  • Search for the printer that you want to bring back online. Check whether the printer is set to default. After that, right-click on your default printer and select “See what’s printing” for rectifying” Printer is Offline” issue.
  • If you find some unfinished tasks, remove them
  • Double-click on the printer that is offline. A new window will appear. Now tap on Printer in the menu bar and scroll down to “Connect” for rectifying “How to fix Printer Offline” concern

Restart both printer and computer

If the printer is still unable to print, Switch off both the printer and the computer. Proceed with Printer Offline Fix. Turn on the printer again and let it go through its startup procedure. Once the printer is ready, Switch on the computer again. This will enable Windows O.S to detect the printer.

Reinstall the printer

If the above step does not bring the printer back online, remove the printer from the list of printers and re-install the printer for rectifying “Printer is Offline” issue. These general steps need to follow for obtaining “Printer Offline Fix”. However, if still have doubts and concerns regarding printer offline issue, you can reach advanced printer experts to rectify the issue.


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