What Is Google Cloud Print

What Is Google Cloud Print

Know Everything In Detail, What Is Google Cloud Print?

What Is Google Cloud Print? Basically, Google cloud print is a free online printing service which allows its users to print from most of the compatible printers through smartphones, windows and apple mac supported apps including google Gmail, docs, chrome web browser, and default printing methods as well. It works on the remote printing module and transmits user’s data which needs to be print from the endpoint device to the Google server and then directly to the available printer. Users just need a secure and stable wen internet connection to get a reliable printing experience.

Still, Have Concerns Related To What Is Google Cloud Print? 

Now you know What Is Google Cloud Print and what kind of service it offered to its users. To get the most much-needed printing experience from below listed apps and device users need to complete the setup process as well:

  • Google Chrome browser on the window, Linux or Mac desktop, laptops and Chrome devices.
  • Supported versions of G Suite including Google Drive.
  • Gmail services (through any of the web browser on a smartphone or any other compact device).
  • Chrome devices including chrome boxes and chrome books.
  • All suitable and supported Third-party mobile apps present on numerous devices.

How To Start Cloud Printing Setup If You Don’t Know What Is Google Cloud Print?

If you don’t know – What Is Google Cloud Print? Or starting with the cloud print setup for the first time then you need to face some complex issues. But don’t get tensed just follow all the below-listed steps carefully and eliminate those errors instantly. Before starting the setup process make sure that:

  • You are connected to a stable wireless network.
  • The latest version of google chrome is installed into your device.

After that follow below listed steps:

Step 1: Connect Your Printer To Available Wi-Fi Network

  • First of all switch on your printer.
  • Then connect your printer to the available wireless network by selecting the reliable SSID name and entering the accurate password for the same.
  • Connect your desktop, laptop or any other device to the same network.

Step 2: Make Sure If Your Printer Is Cloud-Ready Or Not?

In these steps, you need to make sure whether your printer is cloud-ready or not? To perform this head to the cloud-ready printer page and locate and search for your printer model or name. To check:

  • Make sure your printer name or model has v2 option next to its name or model number if it is written then your printer is cloud-ready.
  • If your printer model doesn’t have v2 then it is not cloud-ready.
  • Don’t get tensed if your printer is not listed in the available list as it can still be connected to google cloud printing services. You just need to connect to the same wireless network.

Step 3: Connecting Printer Which Is Not Google Cloud Ready

Before starting the below-listed steps make sure that you are using only desktop or mac devices as you can’t use Chromebook or smartphones.

  • First of all head to the system settings of your device and then choose the printing section.
  • After that connect your printer to the desktop.
  • Then open google chrome web browser and then type chrome://devices and move ahead by clicking ok or by pressing the enter key.
  • Now head to the section classic printer and choose add printer,
  • In this section click on the printer to register and choose the printer model you want to connect after that again click on option add printer.
  • If you are unsure whether your printer is connected or not then click on the option manage printers

To let other user’s print from your printer or through any Chromebook device you need to share the printer for hassle-free printing experience.

Step 3: Connecting Printer Which Is Google Cloud Ready

  • To start the process click on the google chrome icon and open it.
  • After that enter chrome://devices in the address bar and hit Enter.
  • After that head to “New devices,” option and search for your printer model and name.
  • After locating your printer click on the option Manage.
  • After that, you will get a dialogue box stating “Confirm registration” click on Register.
  • Then follow all the appeared steps on the screen carefully and complete the registration process.
  • To check whether your printer is successfully registered or not? Open the chrome and enter google.com/cloudprint and click on option Printers.

If you get any issues while setting up your google cloud print services then make sure you are using updated chrome or followed all the steps carefully. If you don’t know the exact issues reach out to our helpdesk and get reliable assistance and answers related to What Is Google Cloud Print services and how to set up them without getting glitches.



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