What Is Google Cloud Print?

What Is Google Cloud Print?

Google Cloud Print is an unrestricted free of cost service that allows you to print the photos and documents from a cloud device connected to a network to any printer. Furthermore, any application (web, mobile, device) on any kind of device can be used for printing to any of the cloud-connected printers. Also, utilizing this web service, customers can associate their printers with the Google account. Also, you have this added advantage of sharing printers with your family, friends, or co-workers with printers of Google Cloud Print. This concludes the answer of “What is Google Cloud Print?”

Google Cloud Print

What Are The Steps Of Google Cloud Print Setup?

When your wireless printer shows that it is Cloud ready, then follow the instructions of your particular printer manufacturer or look at the Google Cloud Print Setup information for the Cloud-ready printers.

In case your printer does not say that it’s Cloud-ready, then proceed with the steps mentioned below-

  • Turn your printer ON.
  • Open your Mac or Windows computer, then open Chrome in it.
  • At the top-right, click at ‘More’ and then ‘Settings’.
  • At the bottom, click on ‘Advanced’.
  • Under the ‘Printing’, click on the Google Cloud Print.
  • Click on ‘Manage Cloud Print device’.
  • If stimulated, sign-in with your very own Google Account.
  • Choose the printers that you need to connect, then click on ‘Add printer(s)’.

Your respective printer is associated with your Google Account now and has connected to the Google Cloud Print. You can use this printer from any electronic device where you are signed-in to your Google Account.

How to Use Google Cloud Print?

If you want printing with non-cloud printers using the service of Google Cloud Print, you can use the Connector to complete the task. Now the question arises that can strike our brains is: what is a Connector? Well, the Connector is basically a small piece of software, which works on a computer device, in which you’ve got your printer installed. The Google Cloud Print Connector holds the entire responsibility to register the printer with the printing service and it waits for printing jobs as well as the service. When the printing job arrives, the Connector forwards it to your printer and sends the recent job status to the service back.

Also, for using the Google Cloud Print Connector, you do not need to install it. You require installing Google chrome, to get your job done. By installing Google chrome on your computer and allowing the feature (It’s set to off just by default), you’ll be able to print to the non-cloud printers. Also, the only thing that you require to ensure is that your computer system must be switched on and be linked to the internet so that printing job reaches easily to the Google Cloud Print connector and from there to your printer.


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