Why is my Canon Printer Offline?

Why is my Canon Printer Offline?

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Why Is My Canon Printer Offline

Canon is the leading brand when it comes to Printers. Canon is known for the line of exceptional printers known for producing incredible output and require least servicing. However Canon Printer Offline is the common issue which crops up with the printers. But this always is not an indication of any technical glitch but can also occur due to loose wiring. We can understand how frustrating is to receive the offline error in the middle of some important piece of work. The blog mentions some of the easy fixes for Printer is Offline concern. However, if the problem persists, you can communicate with advanced printer experts at Canon Support.

First, check your USB Connection. The loose wiring can also cause Canon Printer Offline issue. Try unplugging it and plug it again. Reboot it to resolve any glitch with the same. For more support, you can communicate with experts at Canon Support to help you with the same.

Also, you need to check jammed printers to resolve the concern Why is my Canon Printer Offline. You need to ensure that papers are fed properly. Improper proper feeding can also cause concern.

Restore Printer Spooler Service

  • Go to start menu and type services.
  • Right click on printer spooler and choose services.
  • After that click on restart option and select Printer Spooler again.
  • After that choose properties and set startup type as automatic.
  • Now save the settings and tap on O.K.
  • Restart your PC. See whether you are able to resolve Printer is Offline issue and print again.

Disable User Printer Offline issue

  • Proceed with fixing “Why is my printer offline” concern by going to control panel first.
  • Tap on Hardware and sound option.
  • Open Device and Printers. Now Right-click on Canon Printer.
  • After doing the needful select “See what’s printing”. Click on Printer.
  • Disable the Use Printer Offline option by unchecking it.
  • Now click on the printer again and select cancel all documents.
  • Now print again to see whether Canon Printer Offline concern is resolved.
Re-installing Canon Printer Software

Outdated or missing printer drivers can also cause Printer is an offline issue. Let’s follow below steps for re-installing Canon Printer drivers

  • Press windows key and R simultaneously to open Run Box.
  • Now type devmgmt.msc in Run Box and click on OK button.
  • Look for your Canon Printer under print queue.
  • Right-click on it to uninstall device
  • After that, go to Canon Official website
  • Re-install the drivers from the Canon Official Website. See if Printer Is Offline issue has gone away.

You can communicate with experts at Canon Printer Support if you find difficulty in Re-installing the drivers. If you are unable to resolve “Why is my canon printer offline” concern, you can approach tech support professionals at Canon Support to help you resolve the same. Get in touch anytime as per your convenience to obtain excellent technical guidance and support for your printer related issues.


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