Why is my Epson Printer Offline? Resolve the issue by quick fixes

Why is my Epson Printer Offline? Resolve the issue by quick fixes

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Why is my Epson Printer Offline

Epson Printer has a wide range of exception printers used extensively for both corporate as well as domestic use. Epson printers are known for their superior printing. If the printer ceases to work in the middle of work and shows the message “Epson Printer is Offline”, it becomes annoying for us. Try some easy steps mentioned in the blog to get away with the error. You can communicate with experts at Epson Printer Support to get rid of this common concern.

Follow the simple methods below to fix “Epson Printer offline Windows 10

Disable the User Printer Offline setting

“Why is my Epson Printer Offline”? Eradicate the issue by turning off User Printer Offline setting. The steps to do so are mentioned below

  • Open the run dialog box, by pressing Windows and R at the same time.
  • Or go at the start, type run and then press enter.
  • Now, write control panel in the Run dialog box and press enter.
  • Select Device and Printers option when the control panel opens.
  • A list of active peripheral devices will appear.
  • Now go to Epson Printer option for proceeding with fixing Epson printer offline concern.
  • Right-click on it and see what’s printing
  • New window will pop up.
  • Now click on the Printer option from the toolbar. The dropdown list will appear. Ensure that the ‘Use Printer Offline’ option is not showing tick in front of it.
  • Disable the option if it is by clicking on it.
  • Now, proceed with removing “Epson printer is offline” concern by going to the printer option again and selecting the option “Set As Default Printer.
  • Close the window. Check whether Epson Printer status has changed and Epson printer offline issue has gone away.

Epson Printer Driver update

Epson Printer Offline Windows 10 concern may crop up due to Corrupted printer drivers. Outdated Printer Driver can also show the printer status to offline. You can either download the drivers by visiting the Epson Support website or can even contact Epson Printer Support executives to avail help regarding the same

Re-install the printer driver
  • Epson printer is offline concern can be sorted out by re-installing the printer driver. Follow-the easy steps to re-install the printer driver
  • Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows and R keys simultaneously
  • Or go to the start, type run and press enter.
  • Write devmgmt.msc in the Run dialog box and press enter
  • This command will launch Device Manager Window
  • Right-click Epson Printer option under printer or printer queues and then tap uninstall to proceed with fixing Why is my Epson printer offline
  • After doing the needful, open the Run Dialog Box again
  • Write Control Panel in the Run dialog box and press enter.
  • In hardware and sound, tap on Device and printers.
  • Now, right-click somewhere on the empty side of the printer and then proceed to Add a printer option for rectifying “Epson printer offline windows 10” problem.
  • Hit the option The Printer that is wanted isn’t listed.
  • After that, choose the option: Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname.
  • Proceed by specifying the Ip address and port name of Epson Printer.
  • After that Tap on Next to re-install the printer.
  • Restart your computer. Check whether Epson Printer Offline issue is gone.

The above methods will help you to resolve the Epson printer offline windows 10 concern. If none of the methods above proves to be beneficial in fixing offline status, communicate with experts at Epson Printer Support to help you resolve the offline concern or any other printer related concern.

The experts at support are available 24/7 to help you address “Epson printer is offline” or any other concern affecting your printer.


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