Why is my HP Printer Offline?

Why is my HP Printer Offline?

Why is my HP Printer Offline

The first thing that arises in one’s mind is Why is my HP Printer Offline on receiving the message “HP Printer Says Offline.” No, doubt HP is a known brand that has ruled the printing industry for years. It produces exceptional printers known for its superior quality output. But like any other printing device, HP Printer may also encounter offline messages. The issue is not uncommon, and there are various reasons for the emergence of the error. The blog explains the causes and possible fixes for the “HP Printer Offline” error. Let’s go through each of the reasons and their fixes one by one.

Improper Printer Connections

Your printer connectivity should be just proper to ensure your Printer to be online. Go through below necessities for getting rid of the “HP Printer Says Offline” error.

  • Loose or worn out cables can lead to the “HP Printer Offline” issue. Make sure that wires are correctly inserted, and they are not worn out if the cables are faulty/ worn-out try replacing them.
  • Next, verify that the wall socket is in working condition
  • Try checking Ethernet/USB ports as well. Make sure to use alternate ports to rule out any issue with the ports. Ports not working can also be cause for Why is my HP Printer Offline
  • Ensure that USB cable is connected correctly to Printer and PC, in case you are using the USB cable for connection.
  • In case you are making use of Ethernet cable, make sure it is well connected to the router/ access point. Also, the router should be in working condition.
  • For wireless networks, make sure that you have connected to the right network.

Wrong Printer Settings

Another reason behind HP Printer Says Offline is when your Printer has incorrect settings. The printer not set to default or if Use Printer Offline option is enabled can also be a reason behind Why is my HP Printer Offline. You can resume printing by setting your Printer as default and unchecking the Use Printer Offline option if checked. Follow the below steps to rectify the “HP Printer Offline” error, if any, one of the causes.

  • Firstly, go to the control panel and then go to Printers and Devices.
  • Select your Printer now after that, Right-click on it to open a drop-down menu. 
  • Click on “See what’s printing.”
  • Now select “Set as default printer.”
  • Below the default printer option, you will see the Use printer offline option. If it is checked, uncheck it.

See if the above steps help you get rid of the “HP Printer Says Offline” issue, and you can print again.

Driver Issues

Missing or outdated drivers can cause the “HP Printer Says Offline” issue. Re-install and update the drivers to rectify the “HP Printer Offline” issue. Go through the steps below to resolve the error

  • Go to the settings and then Printers to choose your Printer.
  • Search for driver button, from general or details and then select it
  • Re-install the updated version of the Printer.
  • Choose the Printer to remove under printers in the “Settings” option and re-install it through the “Add a Printer wizard.
  • Now update the drivers manually by visiting the HP Support page. 

If still clueless about Why is my HP Printer Offline, you communicate with advanced printer experts at HP Printer Support.


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