Why Your Xerox Wireless Printer Keeps Going Offline?

Xerox printers have started gaining popularity in printing industry and one of the biggest manufacturers of printer devices. Xerox has varied printers with superb performance and cutting edge technology. Despite the alluring features it has to offer, certain technical snags may arise with Xerox Printers. One such common technical snag is Xerox Wireless Printer Keeps Going Offline.Connectivity to outdated Xerox Printer Drivers can cause the issue to occur.

Reasons for Xerox Printer Offline problem

Are you receiving the message: Xerox Printer Offline? There can be various reasons for your printer to go offline.

Check out some of the reasons below

  • SNMP lag: Your Xerox wireless printer may go offline due to SNMP lag. SNMP usually reports issues such as machine going offline and paper jam issues. The reporting is sometimes incorrect which stops printing.
  • Driver issues: Another common reason for printer to go offline is outdated, corrupted or missing Xerox Printer Drivers.
  • Implementation of MSNP: Sometimes, the windows that implement MSNP can cause Xerox Printer Offline The offline error arises when connection is unable to receive queries from the printer and it assumes it to be offline.
  • Issues with wires: In case the printer is not wireless, the offline error can occur due to faulty USB connections or loose wiring.
  • Internet Connectivity issues: If the internet connection disrupts or interrupts in between, it can also cause the printer to go offline.

How to resolve the Printer Offline issue?

If you’re Xerox Wireless Printer Keeps Going Offline, try the simple fixes below:

Update Drivers: The outdated or corrupted Xerox Printer Drivers can cause your printer to go offline. It is recommended to visit official Xerox Support page to update the drivers to avoid the problem from re-occurring.

Do not implement MSNP: Make sure the printer is not implementing MSNP. You can connect with our team at printeroffline.co to help you with the Xerox Printer Offline problem.

Remove SNMP Snag: You can disable SNMP to rectify the Xerox Wireless Printer Keeps Going Offline keeps going offline issue. Follow the steps to disable SNMP

  • Start > Devices and Printers
  • right-click the printer and go to Printer properties
  • Ports > Configure Port
  • uncheck SNMP

Our techies at Printer Support can help you fix Xerox Printer Offline issue. Feel free to reach us for offline printer concern.

Check Internet Connectivity: Issues with internet connectivity is also one of the reasons for Xerox Wireless Printer Keeps Going Offline. Restart the system and router to see if the issue settles down. You can avail help from our technical experts at printeroffline.co.

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